Submissions Notice – August 2020 Issue: Unthemed

(Recently closed)
Information about National Flash Fiction Day 2020 here

About the August 2020 issue: 

  • Submission period: 16 June to 31 July 2020
  • Theme: No theme
  • Artists/authors notified in August 2020

Guest editor: E Wen Wong is a year-13 student at Burnside High School (Christchurch, New Zealand). Since becoming passionate about poetry through Paula Green’s Poetry Box, E Wen has had her work featured in various anthologies, on the back of local buses, and on display in the Guernsey Airport. In 2019, E Wen placed first in the Poetry New Zealand Student Yearbook Poetry Competition and runner-up in the National Schools Poetry Award.

Submission guidelines:

  • What to submit:
    • Submissions may be any form of creative art. That includes writing (essays, short stories, micro stories, poetry—any forms of writing), photography, visual art (digital art included), music, et cetera.
    • We welcome previously published work, and simultaneous submissions are acceptable, but we advise that the artist/author informs us if the submission is accepted or published elsewhere.
    • There are no limits as to the length of written submissions, but prose submissions under five thousand words are preferable (though exceptions may be made).
    • Artists/authors may submit up to five pieces each.
  • How to submit: Submit through email at fingerscommatoes[at]gmail[dot]com. In your email submission, please include the following:
    • Your age
    • Your geographical location
    • A brief bio (approximately 50 words, or three sentences)

Please send written submissions as downloadable .txt.rtf, or .docx documents. Please do not send documents via Google Documents or other online sharing platforms, as these are private and can be restricted for us.

  • Who can submit: There is no strict age limit for submitters. We are a youth journal, and our submitters currently range in age from four to twenty-six years old. We encourage international and diverse submissions. As a general guide to what we’re looking for, our previous issues can be found here.

There is no theme for the August 2020 issue. Submission themes are not strict and may be interpreted freely. We are always excited to receive a variety of submissions and see how different perspectives respond to an overarching idea: some pieces may relate to a theme concretely, using it to convey a message in a new way, while others may be more abstract, making the audience work a little harder to see the connection. There is never one way to respond to a theme. In every case, we encourage you to have fun with it and push your boundaries—be creative, and see what you can do.

Any inquiries may be emailed directly to us.

Contact: fingerscommatoes[at]gmail[dot]com

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