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fingers comma toes

fingers comma toes is an online journal for children and young adults created by Lola Elvy and Tristan Deeley in October, 2015, in Nosy Be, a small island to the west of mainland Madagascar.

Founders / Editors

Lola Elvy dabbles in music, song-writing, poetry, and forms of creative fiction and nonfiction; her work can be found at lolaelvy.wordpress.com. She likes the sea, sarcasm, and the colour grey. She lives on a forty-three foot sailboat named Momo, after the German children’s novel by Michael Ende; she has been sailing and travelling her whole life, and is currently on the East Coast of the US.

Tristan Deeley is a semi-enthusiastic sailor who likes creative writing, snakes, and milk chocolate. He, like Lola, has travelled most of his life, and is currently situated in Curaçao, on-board his yacht Utopia.

Lola and Tristan became friends in Langkawi, Malaysia, during the night of February 01, 2015, where they stayed up until dawn, playing hangman and socializing with two friendly, rambunctious South Africans with poor math skills and a PVC didgeridoo. The South Africans showed them their skateboarding skills, home-made goat videos, and talented bonfire singing while schooling Lola and Tristan on the arts of being optimistic and fun-loving, living in the moment, appreciating their parents, and fire-building. Sadly, Lola and Tristan forgot to bring blankets.

Contact: fingerscommatoes[at]gmail[dot]com

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