About fingers comma toes

fingers comma toes is an online journal for children and young adults created by Lola Elvy and Tristan Deeley in October, 2015, in Nosy Be, a small island to the west of mainland Madagascar.


Lola Elvy writes music, poetry, and other forms of creative fiction and nonfiction. In addition to writing, she is passionate about language, mathematics, and the environment, and speaks English, German, and Swedish. After living and travelling for seventeen years on a sailboat, she is now based in Dunedin, studying Music and Physics at the University of Otago. Her poetry has been featured in Fast Fibres, Olentangy Review, and The Larger Geometry: poems for peace (anthology, 2018).

Tristan Deeley (editor 2015-2020) is an aspiring historian currently on a travel hiatus in Gold Coast, Australia. By day a biomedical science student, by night a writer of short stories, he has a sleep schedule worth crying about. His work has been published by Flash Frontier, Scottish Book Trust, and Highland Park Poetry. He spends his spare time wading through old bookstores and libraries, searching for anything about Rome.

Guest Editors:

January 2020 Issue / Artwork: Red | Margaret Li:
Margaret is in her final year at Saint Kentigern College in Auckland, New Zealand, and is interested in pursuing a Language and Literature degree in the UK. She reads widely in her spare time and enjoys the creative writing process, particularly with short stories and script writing. She approached fingers comma toes’  August 2019 theme Space by describing the senses evoked by The Clinic, exploring the often overwhelming pressures faced by young adults.

January 2019 Issue Forest | Russell Boey:
Russell is a student in his final year of studies at St. Andrew’s College, Christchurch, New Zealand. He has an avid love for science and math, but despite this maintains that he will fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a struggling author. He has been published in fingers comma toes in the August 2016 issue Rust, as well as New Zealand’s national newspaper The Sunday Star Times for winning their short story competition. He likes stars, quasars, black holes, and all the places in-between. Unlike Lola and Tristan, if he ever leaves dry land again, it will have been far too soon.

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